>>>know your enemy

The company behind the destruction of Thorne and Hatfield Moors is a US based multinational, which controls a large share of the fertiliser and herbicide market in th UK. Many well known brands from your garden centre are owned by Scotts, including Levingtons, Shamrock, MiracleGro, Weedol, Evergreen. The company also has a agreement with Monsanto to market their notorious pesticide RoundUp. In America they are involved in brand-name pot plants and genetically modified (roundup-ready) golf courses. I guess we have that to come...

>>A Detailed Briefing on Scotts , nicked from their website, including history of the company and what they own.

>>Scotts in the UK Where to find their offices and factories.

>>Scotts Around the World their brands and facilities in other countries

>>People to Bother some key personnel, their telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and so on