>>>wedholme flow

Wedholme Flow is an extensive lowland raised bog, the largest of a series of raised mires on the south Solway plain. As a result of commercial peat extraction the site has been split into three distinct portions. A central strip running east-west across the site has been created by commercial peat workings and this separates two intact areas of raised bog to the north and the south. Between two and three metres of peat has been extracted and slumping and peat wastage, due to draining, has reduced the surface height by a further 1-2 metres. The intact areas support rich assemblages of a peatland vegetation which is nationally rare. A good range of breeding birds are found here, including Nightjar, Snipe, and Sparrowhawk. The site is noted for the Large heath butterfly and Large damselfly which occurs here at the northern limit of its range. The northern section of the bog is the best remaining area of the Cumbrian Solway raised bogs.

This description taken from Friends of the Earth Briefing "last chance to see"