Other Peat Campaigns

>>Leeds Friends of the Earth have a long running campaign about Thorne and Hatfield Moors
>>Friends Of the Earth have many resources about peat, and a spoof Miracle-Gro website Miracle-Gone
>>National Trust have gone peat-free on all their properties and have published trials of many peat alternatives
>>Scottish Wildlife Trust
>>Plantlife Plant conservation charity
>>The RSPB also has some resources and reports (look under policy > water and wetlands)
>>Campaign against the N7 Motorway
which will cut through the Shower-Annaholty bog in Ireland
>> Save the Alfred Bog in Canada

(disclaimer - just because we link to an organisation doesn't necessarily mean we think they're cool, OK)

Peat Ecology

Carnivorous Plant FAQ

Direct Action Groups

>>Leeds Earth First!
>>Schnews A weekly newssheet with links to just about everyone you ever wanted.
>>Indymedia alternative news service
>>Nine Ladies Anti quarry protest camp in Derbyshire
>>Sheffield Mayday - news from Sheffield all year round
>>Corporate Watch - investigating corporations
>> Primal Seeds - anti genetics, anti industrial agriculture
>>Weed's Home Page info on actions and protest camps, past and present

Official And Corporate

>>Scotts (USA)
>>Scotts (International) contains addresses of distributors around the world.
>>Levington - part of the Scotts peat empire
>>English Nature see their policy on lowland peat moor by clicking >about us >position statements
>>Peat Producers Association
>>DTLR Report on Peat Extraction
>>Doncaster Council
>>Ramsar Convention on Wetlands working for international legislation on wetland conservation
>>International Peat Society
>>ADAS Peat Alternatives Review includes a fair bit of useful information on the state of the peat industry