We want this campaign to be as big and broad as possible, in order to kick Scotts off the moor once and for all. That means you going out and doing stuff too - it's not actually as difficult as all that after all. Hopefully some of the pages here will be useful in giving you the information and confidence to take action in whatever manner you see fit. Keep us informed with how it goes by emailng info@peatalert.org.uk and good luck!

>>Getting to the Moors

>>Stopping Work on the Moors. A guide to possible direct action.

>>The Peat Processing Works. What goes on in the factory and offices

>>Legal Information. Police response to actions so far, and what to do if you are arrested.

>>Actions at Garden Centres.

>>Armchair Anarchy. If you can't even be bothered to leave your phone or computer.

>>Fliers that have been used in the past (to download)

>>Why Nobody Needs to use Peat. Information on home composting and growing media.